Q: What is the Halo Hook made from?

A: Halo Hook is made from stainless steel, unlike most competitor products on the market.  This means it's stronger, less likely to rust, and more durable than cheaper bag hooks you may find online.  Our hooks are built to last, not as a throwaway item!

Q: How does it fold away and will it come undone in my bag?

A: The Halo Hook is one of few portable bag hooks to use a clever magnet design to keep the hook neatly curled around the base when stowed in it's velvet pouch.  The pouch itself also serves to keep everything tidy and contained in your bag!

Q: How do I know it won't slip off the table or bar?

A: The padded, non-slip round base of the Halo Hook ensures it stays put exactly where you place it. The design of the hook means the weight of your bag is not to the side of the base, but directly below.  This means our luxe portable hook is perfectly balanced and won't slide!

Q: My laptop bag is pretty heavy. I'm not sure it will hold it!?

A: The Halo Hook is the strongest portable bag hook out there, and will hold up to 8kg easily.  We've tested it with 10kg bags and it held, but to be safe, we recommend an 8kg weight limit.  This will cover almost all bags you'd wish to be carrying around with you, even a laptop bag with device, cables etc.

Q: What if it breaks?

A: Halo Hooks are incredibly strong especially considering their light weight so this should never be an issue.  However should you have any concerns with our product, email us directly at info@halohook.com.au and we will address them immediately!